September 21, 2008


I read in the magazine BESTLIFE one way to spruce up the sex is to make the bathroom sexy in design. Well on that note I came across some beautiful designs for the bathroom.

The Rotator by Tueco

Check out this Bath Tub that with a swivel, or rotation...whatever or however you want to phrase the transformation, turns into a shower.

SPacer By Dominik Chojnacki

This is all-in-one bathtub and Jacuzzi that folds up and transform into an art sculpture when not in use. So for those city dwellers in those tight-ass overpriced studios in the city this is for you!

Sorgente By Tueco

Tueco once again bring an innovative sexy design to the bathroom. This sunk in bathtub design has 8 whirlpool jets. The tub design is below floor level, so you have to either build a platform around it or get your dig on below your bathroom.

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