September 24, 2008


Here is design that looks like Tron meets Akira. This design is by Amir Glinik, who claims he influence for design was vintage Ferrari Designs. This has a Ferrari V4 Integrated Drive Unit, with hand controls inspired by the throttle quadrant of a F16 jet fighter, and a touch screen (yes, navigation and the ability to do other multifunctions like control the radio).

Amir made this statement about the bike:V
intage and modern Ferrari projects influence my design. It’s a mix of what I find to be the best Ferrari lines with the latest technology I could think of in terms of engine, gear and driving management. Preserving Ferrari lines and history, the aim is to create a bike with normal dimensions using existing Ferrari technology; to take the ease of service as a factor while thinking about low profile and CG. To produce a practical machine and not in any way a “Star Wars” future ride…”

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