September 16, 2008


The My Way is a navigational device designed by Signce Studio. It seems like the size of an Iphone and definitely has cool capabilities. The device provides a way for a person to get to a target within a certain time. Rather its looking for something cool to do, or you rushing to the airport with limited time, the MY WAY, can make it happen.

Signce Studio puts it like this: “Discover a new two mode navigational experience. Often you need to get from A to B as efficiently as possible. “Target Mode” covers those situations when time is of the essence and navigation has to be unmistakable. [On the other hand,] sometimes you are lucky enough to have some unexpected spare time. Your would prefer to roam around and discover new places rather than just go straight from A to B. “Cruise Mode” helps you arrange your trip so as to make spontaneous discoveries along your way.”

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