September 14, 2008

Steve Jobs: F#@K the Code of Law I'm A Rock a Barcode Plate...

Allegedly Steve Jobs have been driving a Benz, a SL 55 AMG model, with no license plate but a barcode in place of one instead. I hope he don't get into a crime and flee the scene because we all know the description, Black turtleneck, Levi's, and New Balance, and 1 piece of plastic in his front pocket that crushes any Record Label Advance, or Royalty Check, or Publishing Payment even from a Beatles Song. But this was alleged, ladies and gentleman, crazy the hype this dude gets, Get money Steve, aka Digital Thug! I guess you can't get tickets for parking in a handicap spot if you have no plates, no that's Keepin' It Gangsta'!

Within a few hours after posting a photo of Steve Jobs' Mercedes spotted outside the Yerba Buena Center, (above) the location of Apple's 'Let's Rock' event on Tuesday, comments and controversy began to emerge along with a flood of email inquiries.

The controversy and questions surrounded the supposed UPC barcode pictured on Jobs' Mercedes SL55 AMG in lieu of of an official California license plate. We discovered wild rumors have dated back several years spawning constant speculation over Jobs' barcode license plate. The most absurd rumor alleges that Jobs paid California DMV a lot of money for a special exemption that allows him to have a UPC barcode instead of a real license plate. A lame idea invented by the village idiot.

Another popular wedge of white trash folklore asserts that Steve Jobs uses a bar code instead of a license plate to expedite the billing of his numerous parking tickets. This also turned out to be false. Our own hack investigation into this looming Jobsian mystery has revealed a few facts that force the rumors into a long dirt nap. Short of a direct quote from Steve Jobs himself, here's exactly what we've uncovered.
The supposed Steve Jobs barcode in place of a license plate is actually the vehicles VIN number placed on the car by the manufacturer (above).

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