March 27, 2009


First off, once again big ups to our PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA. I know the road is rough, but end of the day it's about a plan, seeing it through one day at a time, New York nor Rome was built in a day, so let that man and his team do what we elected them to do!
Well in the this day it seems Hip Hop is synonymous with our President. I am here to share some Hip Hop and Obama with my G's!
The other night on the The Roots, did a a little set over a Obama speech on the Jimmy Fallon Show.

Also on another note I had a friend who had a friend from London who assembled a musical piece the day of the Inauguration. The music uses a composition produced by Bill Cosby. Ironically the composition produced by Cosby was created when he was distraught the day Martin Luther King was assassinated. The song was Cosby's in his own kind of way a tribute to the Late Martin Luther King. Fast forward 41 years on the day the 44Th President was inaugurated here is a another man's creative expression and tribute to Barack Obama.
Enjoy! A New Beginning

Shouts to The Roots, Al Branch, Shawn G, and Cropper. Most of All Big Up to Obama!
And if you can check The Roots on The Jimmy Fallon Show, NBC or at the Highline Ballroom Jam events they are doing!

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