April 20, 2009

So Rich, and So Pretty - Arno De France

Well here is something I found on HD Luxe TV. As you know part of the G Code is to party, have fun, sip a good drink (preferably Moet Rose', Belvedere, or Hennessy) while doing G Code fun. Arno De France who is influenced by my friend Terry Richardson and David La Chapelle captured some good images and put it to a Mickey Avalon song, "So Rich, So Pretty". The video is very Circa Last Night's Party.

See the video here

This look like a fun event, may I mention this how Belvedere party gets, especially when Belvedere or some IX are present. ( You see some Belvedere present)
Shouts To Kenny Mac, Tony Fair, and Marissa, and Brielle, and Andre....Team Belvy.

Oh yea try some Belvedere with Cherry Limeade.....taste great.

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Lady Nightshade said...

He clearly tried to "fuzz out" the Lastnightsparty.com logo at the bottom of the photos. What an idiot.