August 10, 2009


Remember the end of the film Back to The Future when he said "we won't need roads where we're going"? Here is a car that is legal to fly and drive along with the cost of $82,000. The folks over at Parajet Automotive have a car for on-road and off-road enthusiast. Rather its a drive on a beach, desert or a nice semi-parasail that experience is given with The Skycar. If you are worried about technical dilemma's while in the air the folks at Parajet stated " It will be easier and safer to fly than any other aircraft, as it has no pitch control and therefore impossible to stall or dive. Should the engine fail, the pilot would simply glide down into the nearest field or strip of sandy desert. In the unlikely event of catastrophic wing failure, car connection system failure or mid-air collision, an emergency ballistic reserve parachute can be deployed."

I guess next time I hit traffic on 495 to the Hamptons I would want to be in this baby.
Oh did I mention it can take off with a strip of 200M!

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