January 20, 2011


Over the last couple of months I came across some books that were very great. I wanted to share these books with you. Some of these books were inspirational, spiritual, informative and amusing.

The first book was about the history of comic books. This book showed me one how comics were a form of branded content in addition to being a marketing tool for brands. Also how Hip Hop and comics had a common fight in being accepted.

The second book was about life lessons, and dropped a major jewel on things we can do to get on track. It reminded me of books written by OG Mandino. This book truly changed my actions and outlooks. There is also a follow up to this book titled Mastering The Seven Decisions which is a MUST READ. Both books are great, and guarantee if you are focused for greatness this will help.

The third book was a collection of Short Stories. I wish I knew how to write scripts and had access to a couple million dollars because I would have Satoshi Kon, and Chris Nolan do movies for two stories in this book. Neil Gaiman is the author who wrote Coraline.

For all in the music business rather on the talent or executive side read "The Big Payback" by Don Charnas. The book is about the History of the Hip-Hop music business.

Since I am active in Advertising and Marketing I will be checking this book as well. My friend Hip Hop referenced this book to me as a must read, as I referenced The Don Charnas book to him. Thanks Homie!

Then followed by "The Gifts Of Imperfections" by Brene Brown. The title speaks for itself.

Check Out Brene Brown Speak Below:

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