May 11, 2011


Well we all know the day we lost one of our great MC's straight out of Brooklyn. However the month of May let's celebrate the life of Christopher Wallace. BIG's birthday is on May 21st. Well for the next couple weeks I drop tunes that were songs that never made Biggie Duets. That was a very complicated and touchy project to work on, however I tried to deliver the best records I could for that project. Countless nights working with Harve, Wayne Barrows and the many producers along with artist who contributed to the project.
Biggie was a cool dude. I met him a handful times with Loon, (Loon used to be in group called Crime Family back in that era). Also can't forget chilling with BIG while with Uncle Paul at Hoodstock on 125th. Biggie always showed love, never an "Hollywood" attitude. I remember one late night when him and Cease was on 125th in that big body Benz they were bumping tunes and sipping Henny; Big was like get a cup want some? Yea he was that type of dude, he spread love the Brooklyn Way!
RIP BIG and fans enjoy the tunes! DOWNLOAD HERE

Shout to Wallace Family, D-Roc, Money L, Cease, Uncle Paul, Cudda Love, D-Dot and Stevie J for sharing those studio stories, Mark Pitts, Wayne Barrows, Diddy. Can't forget my boy Ez Elpee aka Mr. Get Money and Buckwild aka Story To Tell. Jean Nelson What Up!

Heatmakerz you had one of my favorites. Next Up
Swizz, Sean C, Scram Jones, Raekwon, ( I remember you was tight you had to do that verse over), Danja, Ted Chung, Snoop, Jim Jones, Weezy, Juelz, Nelly, Nas, Just Blaze, Neysa, Macho, Joe, Bun B, Too Short, Ralph Tresvant, Skid the Senator (Remember we found them vocals for Whatuwant and that long talk and snap session with Big on that other track, PRICELESS), Yandy, Mona Scott, Missy, Pusha T, Malice, Geezy (hold ya head G), Chink Santana, Grady, Storm, Havoc, P and Korn, Atticus, Slim Thug thank you all for not giving me headaches. Most of all thanks for the contribution to Big's memory!

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