October 16, 2012

Keep Your Head To The Sky

What Up people, I'm a keep short on here. Sorry for the neglect for the year. What have I been doing that made me neglct you all, well it has been this talented kid named A$AP Rocky. I been working with him and A$AP Mob. Management isn't easy, however I am back, so enjoy your day and make everyday in life count. 

This post was actually a reference or rather an idea done by me and Max B. Right after Puff recorded this song for Jim Jones "What You Sipping" I decided to give the homie Max a shot. Puff and I actually liked Max B, I wish I could have signed him. That's whole other story. However what I will say is the beat was originally for Puff for the Biggie Duets, actually was supposed to be a single. Then Cool and Dre,weeks after having the beat, their manager at time said she sold the beat to LA Reid. Fast forward it was a single for Christina Milian. Well this song is for the Max B fans and for my homie A$AP Yams! Max B aka Mr Prolific keep your head to the sky (Pause).


Keep Your Head To The Sky


Smith262 said...

Ws This The Only Song That You Recorded With Max B ? because i know in 05 Max recorded a lot of joints and a lot of them never came out. Max B, Jim & Puffy Pic http://i47.tinypic.com/18g17p.jpg

Anonymous said...

Dude, this is epic

If you could upload an HQ downloadable version we'd all appreciate

Anonymous said...

Hey Geno. Got some crazy beats for A$AP how can I send them to u fam? @Artilari

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. Sims,

I'm EveKey, a female producer from Vancouver, BC Canada.

I'd love to send some beats that I really want your feedback on.

Please let me know where I can send them to, it'd be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.