March 24, 2009


Well somewhere in Korea a little birdie with the chirp span of a 3G network, let a cat out the bag. Apple hired a Taiwan based company to develop that's a slight smaller than a Macbook and a little larger than a iPhone. Hmmmmm, sound like a Netbook to me G's! Ironically Apple in the top of 2009 signed a deal with LG to manufacture LCD touch screens. The deal was for $500 Milli people, and best believe they are on the job and according to sources now manufacturing the prototypes.

Word from cat who made it out the bag states "that in testing OLED screens used on a notebook attracted "body oils and sweat" when a finger was constantly used on a screen. LG believe that by adding a layer in the manufacturing process that they can eliminate "finger marking".

Well I will keep my G's posted! I guess all those Netbook Competitors better up the ante. Steve Jobs and The Crew is on the Job and definitely stay true to the G Codes and Frank White Theory. Apple want every Nickle and Dime sold in the park! Via Smarthouse

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