March 23, 2009


Look like society doesn't give the toddlers an option of being a simple kid anymore nowadays?! It the words of Wu-Tang Clan "Can It Be It Was All So Simple Then"
Well remember the days of Big Wheels, and Radio Flyer Red Wagons? Too bad and fast forward! It's 2009, and baby momma's have self folding strollers, and seven year old kids tote cell phones!
Well my G's, there is something to add to the lux experience of childhood in 2009.
Introducing the Cloud 9 by Radio Flyer. The Cloud 9 is almost equivalent to a car on wheels, minus the gas. Outfitted with two seats (which has a 5-point safety harness, I guess wagon races can get real deal huh?) has and MP3 docking station, speakers, and a odometer just to name a few specifications. Also for those kids with the spiked sippy cups there are cup holders. The Cloud 9 will retail for $1000 and will be in production soon, according to sources.

Mark Johnson the Product development manager of Radio Flyer stated, "We approached this product much like an automotive company might with a concept car." So on that note, I wonder if there is wagon insurance or do kids have to worry about Wagon Wheel Loans in this economy?

When I saw this I thought of this episode of Conan O'Brien with Louis CK, Check it out!

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