September 08, 2010


Nowadays the computer is now a sanctuary for media and entertainment. Basically the computer or gaming system is a necessity with TV and now mobile are the new computers. I came across two products which enable a PS3 to be a DVR. Earlier this year in Europe was the release of PlayTV. PlayTV allows the PS3 to act as a HDTV or DTV receiver as well as a digital video recorder. This device enables your PS3 to record programs, and can even record something while playing a game.

The second device which enables your PS3 to be a DVR is called Torne.
"The Torne, only released in Japan, consists of a USB-connected terrestrial digital TV tuner and dedicated software. When the tuner is connected to and the software is installed on the PS3, it becomes possible to view and record terrestrial digital broadcasts on the built-in hard disk drive (HDD) as well as USB-connected external HDDs. Up to eight units of external HDDs can be registered, and up to four units can be simultaneously recognized by the PS3."
Also the Torne will enable MPEG-4 AVC compression to squeeze HDTV recordings by as much as 3x their original size as opposed to just copying the original MPEG-2 stream even while playing a game, plus the ability to start watching a program and fast forward/reverse while it's still recording and update the user's PSN status.

Words to Xbox, Apple, and USA, GET ON YOUR JOB. Then again last month I did away with my cable service and just have internet service, geared with my Mac Mini and Basic Service. I been content with Netflix, Atomtv, Hulu, Megavideo, Boxee, and Ch131 and everything else I can stream. However there is a cool device for Mac called Elgato. Well back to my regularly schedule game of Modern Warfare 2, Peace!

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