September 09, 2010


"Gaming" as we knew it is ever evolving. Video games are connecting us socially, and transforming into monetary property. This guy Jesse Schell has a great insight on games as they impact us culturally. Guys and Gals, we have come a long way since Pac-man and Space Invaders.
Video games to me are sometime better than a movie. In a game we live the role, and shoot the bad guy or depending on the day be the bad guy. I guess with this analogy there is reason why Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption, and Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 are doing well. If I was a record a label I would hire game developers and create games or Apps to coincide with a record. I guess the reason Avatar was successful it portrayed gaming to some level. Meanwhile Video game companies are making Avatar money?!
I also included video of 2 games that seem like they possess play potential. One is called Limbo and the other is titled The Secret World. Enjoy!

I came across a quote today in the New York Times "In a movie you don't get a opportunity to make decisions that have consequences" - Omohundro

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