November 18, 2010


In today's world musical artist, independent and signed, are now soul controllers of releasing content into the world. It seems to me Apple products go hand in hand with musicians,for instance in 2008 Erykah Badu got creative with Garageband. She then used that program for recording her album. Well I wanted to add inspiration for my Gcode Musicans! There are creative music apps for the iPhone and iPad.

The first App is called LaDiDa, it's a reverse version of karaoke.

The second App is called Zoozbeat.This App will allow you remix a song however you feel.

Check out how this one group by the name of Atom Tom get busy on the NYC Train.
More train musicians should be like them, creative and original.

My final showcase is my favorite. This artist by the name of Pixie Tea creates a beat, song, and even a music video using apps. You can read more about it here. She gets a A+ for creativity.

Here Pixie tea gets busy with a iPad, iPhone, PSP, and a Nintendo DS.

So for all of you that complain that you don't have access to the tools to create music and let the world experience your talent, STOP BEING LAZY AND COMPLAINING!

BIG UP to and shout out to Pixie Tea and Atom Tom and I hope you all make money and sell tunes! I remember I walked in apps similar to these to a certain record label, and they slept, so my advice to record companies is give creative tools to creative people.

If I was Apple this stuff would be Ads, to all my Blackberry folks, your phone can't do none of this lol!

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