December 05, 2010


Seasons Greetings! Hope all is well and everybody scored on Cyber-Monday. Also can't forget to shout out Black Friday Shopper Survivors!

Well as mentioned before I will be posting tunes here for listening pleasure and Promotional Use Only for my blog followers.

Ron G hailing from Harlem, Pologrounds on 155th is a friend and also served as inspiration for many dj's!
Ron G and Kid Capri blending of Hip Hop Instrumentals with R&B accapella's were a blueprint for what we know now as the remix.
Mixtape 8 is a classic, you can ever hear the Jodeci "Come and Talk To Me", which was done by him first. Later on it was adopted and used by Uptown Records as a official remix. Ron G went on to be a producer and did tracks for Fat Joe, LL Cool J, and many more.
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Check out Ron G below:

The second mixtape was part of series which was hosted by a friend, boss, and trendsetter Puff Daddy aka Diddy aka Ciroc Obama.
When these mixtapes were done in a era where Puff was ruling the airwaves. Bad Boy was on a climax at this time all while being hated by certain individuals. Puff, however pursued Benjamins, pushed love, and made us all dance. Puff never stopped and till this day still going strong. Drink some Coconut Ciroc mixed with Mistic Pina Colada while you enjoy these tunes. Also be on the watch for The Last Train To Paris. Shouts to my Bad Boy Family!
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