December 11, 2010


I must say technology has came a long way. We went from Drive-In Movies to IMAX, and screens in headrest of cars. Well The folks in the UK have a cool repackaged idea for current times. The Vintage Mobile Cinema is a 22-seat mobile movie theater. It seems in the 1960's the British government was pushing promotion of industry and this vehicle played a key role. Originally seven vehicles were custom built, and by fate only one vehicle still remained. The mobile cinema is fully restored and equipped with an HD Digital Projection Unit with Dolby 7:1 Surround sound.

The movie bus is part of project produced by the Museum of Barnstaple & North Devon. For all my UK folks you can see schedules here.

I would love to rent one of these and do a series of movies BYOB style.

I think movie buses and mobile arcades need to be in abundance.

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