March 01, 2011


Over a series of years we rarely see a fashion brand and automobile collaboration. The one car company I know from the past, that did a before market production, was Mercury and Nautica. Also back in day rappers and hustlers used to get custom cars with MCM, Gucci, or LV with Dapper Dan. Well lately Fiat have been doing cool things with various fashion brands. I know last year they did something with Diesel. Fiat have teamed up with the luxury brand Gucci. Gucci is having it's 90th Anniversary and Italy is on brink of celebrating the 150th Anniversary of Independence this is a good way to bring in both occasions.

The 500 by Gucci will be available from April 1st to June 30th exclusively by pre-order online at 500byGucci, with a starting list price from 17,000 Euro [approx. $23,419] in Italy.

This was great idea, shout to my boy Lapo on this one!

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