April 29, 2011


First and foremost the jewel for the day, "You can't be always be right, but make right decisions for the right moments, and you can never be wrong later".

Back in 1997 my boy Ez Elpee did this record with Prodigy. I remember me, Elpee, Mike Lighty, and Johnathan Lighty playing this record for Chris at Violator Def Jam Office. This was when Def Jam just moved from Varick Street to 825 8th Avenue. Well Chris was playing this record pretty loud, also saying how he would make sure Slick Rick clearance gets done. Meanwhile two other A&R's at Def Jam ducked in, bopping heads. Long story short and weeks later Montel Jordan has a record with the same sample, ironic?!
This record never came out, however it still rock. Prodigy talking about his weapon as his girlfriend and trusted lover that's always there for him was a cool concept, something you definitely don't get from too many new artist. Conceptual Dialog, artist step your rap game up, please!

Elpee and Prodigy went on to make another great record by the name of "H.N.I.C.". We also can't forget "Get Away", which was a record Elpee and I did with another group before Mobb Deep. A lot of people slept on that record and even their manager at the time said it was just an OK record, even after Mobb recorded the song. Johnathan Lighty always served as a great visionary with Mobb Deep, props always J! Mike Lighty What Up!


Gun Love

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