April 15, 2011


Well as an A&R and former manager I done a lot of tunes or my producers did many works. Rather Ez Elpee, Darrell "Digga" Branch, or The Hitmen many great songs were done. Here is a classic that never came out and was recorded when Amerie was doing her Sophmore album. Ladies and Gents for some reason someone didn't lke the record, I however thought it was a good record and so did a handful of others, hence here it is being leaked by me. Produced by Ez Elpee and co-written by an artist/songwriter by the name of Makeda, which at the time Amerie's (Ed Holmes) manager used to manage at that time. This record is not mixed, however enjoy and crank it!

Enjoy! Download Here

Shout to Rich Harrison, EZ Elpee, DC EZ, Ed Holmes, Makeda (The world need your songs come out), Amerie keep shining and congrats to you and Lenny! DINO DELVALLE THANKS FOR TRYING TO MAKE IT HAPPEN IN THE CLUTCH HOMIE

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