July 25, 2011

More Than I Can Say - NaS Featuring Keyshia Cole

Well as you know I worked with a wide range of talent. One cool dude I got to kick it with was my man Nas. Nas is a talented, funny, cool individual. Actually his brother Jungle, to me is one of the funniest dudes I ever met. Don't believe me check the N.O.R.E. skits. I must credit Jungle though, he was a visionary with A&R talent as well. This song was done in 2005 while I was recording "Press Play". This beat was one out of many sitting around. I felt this beat was Hip-Hop and to me I pictured Nas flowing to this beat, it was NYC, Queens, and most of all had substance. Well as we know the track never made the album, however the countless studio sessions with Nas and Keyshia were priceless. They were never in the studio at the sametime. Yummy Bingham originally wrote and referenced the hook. I wish this song made it to Press Play, but it never did, I thought the world could use some blessings from Godson. DOWNLOAD HERE

Shout to LES, NaS, Jungle, Horse, Wiz, Mike Brinkley, and Keyshia. Holla At your Boy!
FYI Keyshia is a talented singer that girl can go hard and her work ethic almost equals Diddy in the studio.

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